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Diagnosis And Cure For Rosacea
A chronic disorder known as rosacea is a skin disease and it commonly affects skin of the face. For successful and easy way of treating it, early diagnosis is very important. Patients with this disease are usually not formally diagnosed as there is no specific test which would help in confirming the diagnosis. Most of the cases are diagnosed by experienced and trained health professionals, which confirm presence of the disease by inspection. In rare cases of the disease when skin redness is present in less common parts of the face, a common treatment is used until presence of rosacea is confirmed. Symptoms of this disease can be confused with other skin diseases such as acne vulgaris.

Treatment of rosacea differs patient to patient because people may be allergic to a medicine and for this reason another medicine is advisable. Treatment also differs according to sub-types of the disease. Some people can be completely cured with the help of long time medication while in other cases patients have to take medicines for the rest of their lives. There are three basic forms of treatment for this disease which are behavioral adaptations, medications, and laser.

Behavioral adaptations are of a lot of help to reduce onset of the disease. Sunlight is the most common trigger for onset of the disease so excessive exposure to sun should be avoided. Some people use sunscreen creams for this purpose while others always wear a hat. Patients with eyelid infections should take hygienic measures for eyelids. Eyelids should be cleaned with the help of a baby shampoo, several times a day.

Medications are frequently used for treatment of this disease and they mainly include antibiotics. Tetracycline can be used as oral antibiotics and a topical antibiotic like metronidazole should be applied on affected areas of the skin. This medication helps to relieve redness of skin, pimples and inflammation. Inflammatory lesions can be cured by the use of azelaic acid. Blushing of skin can be treated by the use of beta-blockers. Anti-histamines have no role in diminishing symptoms of rosacea. Sulfur is safely applied on skin for termination of skin redness. Recently a chemical compound of sulfur has been introduced as a medicine in the market.

Dermatological vascular laser is widely used for treatment of this disease. Laser rays damage the capillary walls which are then destroyed by body's natural defense system. In this way all the superficial capillaries of skin are removed to get rid of redness permanently.

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