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Do I Have Rosacea?
Rosacea is a common type of chronic skin disease affecting about 14 million people in United States of America. People have to take extra care to have this disease diagnosed early because if this disease persists for a long time, its treatment gets difficult. If treatment begins at very early stage of the disease, it can be terminated for good but treatment in later stages of the disease can remove the symptoms but the patient has to take regular medication throughout his life.

If a person finds that his face gets red on exposure to sunlight and there is burning sensation on skin of the face then he should have the condition diagnosed because they are initial symptoms of rosacea. If the person has also got pimples which may be solid or pus filled, and thickening of skin in area of the nose then he should better worry because they are confirming signs and symptoms of the disease. If a person also sees clearly visible superficial blood vessels on his face, he should immediately consult his doctor because most probably he has got the disease. Unluckily no specific diagnostic tests are available which would confirm presence of the disease but presence of all the above mentioned symptoms indicates the presence of this disease.

The causative agents of this disease have still not been identified so it is a disease of unknown origin. This is the reason that medication is advised against symptoms of the disease which are relieved by using medicines properly. As the cause of disease is still not known so there is no specific therapy against it, which would eliminate the disease from its root. Nowadays medications only eliminate the symptoms and patient has to use them for whole of his life.

It is now known that this disease affects women, more than the men. So, women should take extra care about symptoms of the disease. Dryness of skin is also present as a symptom of this disease. As women are beauty conscious, so they can identify changes in their skin early as compared to men. For confirmation of this disease a person can expose his facial skin to sunlight. Sunlight causes burning skin sensation and causes redness of the skin. Symptoms are aggravated when solar light falls on skin of a person, affected with rosacea. Getting out of sunlight or in cold environment relieves all the symptoms of rosacea. Again, this is another sign of the disease.

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