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Does Your Face Get Red? It Might Be Rosacea
Redness of face is a symptom of many diseases. It may also be caused as a result of allergic reactions. For proper treatment it is necessary to confirm the disease causing redness of the face. Rosacea is a chronic skin disease with redness of face as its common symptom but it is not necessary that redness of face is always caused by this disease. There are several other diseases with reddening of face as a symptom. So, to start proper medication to relieve this symptom, it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis. To confirm that the patient is diseased with rosacea, other symptoms should be kept in mind.

Redness of face may be due to high consumption of alcohol or taking too much spicy food. In both of these conditions, redness is of temporary nature and is also caused in the evening while usually redness of face in rosacea is caused by exposure of skin to the sunlight. Other disorders and diseases which can cause redness of face are scarlet fever, German measles, Cushing's syndrome and Systematic Lupus erythematosus. The main thing which can distinguishes all these diseases from rosacea is the fact that in this disease, reddening of face is confined to nose, ears and forehead in the start and then develops gradually. This situation is especially difficult to handle and many people get themselves in emotional issues.

Whenever one experiences redness of face, he should visit his doctor. However, one thing which must be kept in mind is the fact that in rosacea, skin of the face becomes blotchy red. It is the first diagnostic sign of this disease. If someone knows that he isn't experiencing redness of face due to acne or rash then he is very likely to have rosacea. It is not a disease like cold that you may get its virus from someone and then develop the disease immediately. Its causative agent usually takes plenty of time to propagate and then produce its effect resulting in redness of the face. Its other symptoms which confirm it include localized edema, clearly visible superficial blood vessels of the face, and burning sensation. All these symptoms along with redness of face on exposure to sunlight confirm that the person has rosacea. This disease also damages liver to some extent. Efforts are being made to design a diagnostic test for this disease by taking samples from liver. Until now there is no diagnostic test for this disease for confirmation.

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