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How Rosacea Can Be Avoided?
Rosacea is a severe condition of the skin and it usually affects the face of a person. Usually, the main areas where this disease affects are nose, cheeks and forehead. Most of the people consider it as acne but, to tell you the truth it should not be confused with acne. According to a survey it has been revealed that millions of Americans are afflicted by this persistent disease and their ages lies between 30 - 40 years approximately.

Moreover, the most difficult thing regarding this disease is that it can be recognized very easily. Yet, skin specialists and doctors are still unable to figure out the cause of this persistent skin disease but facts and figures shows that genetics are the main reason of this condition. It has also been noticed that not only face, Rosacea may also affect chest, ears, neck or scalp. Usually, blood vessels appear on the affected area and if precautionary measures are not applied this skin ailment can cause harmful results.

Still, doctors are unable to find the exact cause and cure of this severe skin condition but there are many ways to avoid or get over Rosacea. Many people suggests that it can affect the skin due to consumption of Alcohol, Tobacco, Spicy Foods, Direct contact with sunlight or any kind of external heat etc. So, skin specialists suggest that people afflicted by Rosacea should avoid these factors to control this disease.

Conventionally, there is as such no proper cure of this skin disease but there are some tips of daily life which plays a vital role to avoid this irritating condition.

  • Try to keep yourself relaxed because stress can also be the major factor of this disease. Sometimes, you might get flare-up due to stress and anger and the condition can get worse.
  • If you are affected by this disease then avoid hot water, spicy foods, sun exposure because such conditions can cause harmful effects on your skin.
  • Try to keep yourself cool and avoid hot things this is the best way to get over this persistent ailment.
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks flushes the skin and in case of Rosacea the affected area becomes more visible.
  • Consult a skin specialist and apply creams on the affected areas to avoid bad circumstances.

So, these are the basic daily life routines by which you can control this skin disease. Though above mentioned techniques are not cures but they can be very helpful for those who are afflicted by Rosacea.

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