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Symptoms of Rosacea
Rosacea is a chronic type of skin disorder which produces skin blushing on face of the affected person. It is a common rosacea symptom in all of its types. This disease has four types, each having its own distinct symptoms. Face flushing can be one of its symptoms but it may also be present on one time but absent on another time. Frequent blushing of face is considered to be the first sign of this disease. In addition, some people may also feel burning skin sensation.

In one of the four most common types of this disease, acne rosacea, pimples are formed on skin of the patient. These pimples may be solid and hard, or they may be pus filled. This bumps and pimples are confirmation signs of this type of disease. In this disease, blood flow through vessels increases, causing rapid flow through the blood vessels of face. This results in clearly visible blood vessels on face of the person. These vessels are commonly arteries and are visible in the form of several red lines.

Eye irritation is confirming symptom of ocular rosacea. In this symptom eyes are irritated because of several reason and they become bloodshot. Irritation of eyes also gets them itchy, resulting in a lot of water production from tear glands. So, this symptom causes watery eyes with inflated eyelids of red color. Another common sign of this disease is dryness of skin. Effect is more prominent on face where the skin becomes dry and rough resulting in loss of natural face look. Raised red patches are formed on skin of the face with burning skin sensation. Both of these conditions are very irritating for the person and both result in redness of face.

Swelling of face is again another common symptom. It is caused in synonymy of increased blood flow to face with visible blood vessels. Oozing of fluid from these vessels cause localized edema which is also known as swelling. In some cases skin of the patients is enlarged and with time, it thickens. The most commonly affected area is skin of the nose and it is also known as rhinophyma.

Some people may not have symptoms of disease on their face but on other areas of their body for example, there might be redness of skin and itching sensation on scalp which is skin of the skull, neck, ears, back and rarely on chest of the person.

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